The premier weekend event to build or tear down friendship.

Sponsored by the Average athletic club ©.

Let's plan your event!

Your event? Your schedule?

100% Customizable.

  • Who?

    [Event] is not a public event with open registration (like a 5k, zombie race, etc.) and is exclusively for the group of your choosing.

    The "OG" event consists of ~32 guys, but initially started with only eight. Any group, any size.

  • What & Where?

    You choose the activities and the location, friend!

    The "OG" event has spanned between 10-15 events, but you'll want to tailor your event to the interests of your specific group.

  • How?

    We help you throw it all together.

    Scoring, activity/event technicalities, location coordination (to an extent), and ultimately, provide you with everything needed to run your own Man/Woman/Friend event.