Cause your family's turkey bowl is only so exciting.

Sponsored by the Average athletic club ©.

Registration Opens in October!
  • Format

    • Round-robin, where your team plays every other team once.
    • If five or more teams are needed, it may flex to a group play to single elimination tournament.
    • Each game consists of two 10-minute halves with a rolling clock.
    • There are no extra points, and only one first down available per drive.
    • Full rules posted below when registration opens.
  • Teams

    • Unlike other team-tournaments, you do not register as part of a team.
    • We'll ask a series of questions at registration (based on your playing experience, your skills, if you can play QB, if you can play QB well, etc.), consider your friend requests (no more than two), and then try and balance teams for fun and light competition.
    • You'll have a good time even if it's not your best sport; ALL skill levels are welcome.
  • Where, when, and how much?

    • Where - Sandy, Utah is great, central location in the Salt Lake Valley, and we like to gather there. Specific location posted with registration.
    • When - The Saturday before Thanksgiving, 9am. For 2024, that lies on November 23.
    • How Much? - Fees are minimal and largely to cover the cost of renting the field(s). Actual cost, like everything else, available when registration opens.