The Average Brand

Average athletes have been pushing themselves, at their own conveniences and comfort levels, since as early as the original Olympics... probably. 

Maybe you weren't the star player, perhaps you came off the bench, and its possible you didn't even make the team. Maybe you spent your weekends playing pick-up games with your friends at local parks or gyms, worked out here and there, and enjoyed being active on your own terms. 

Maybe, you continue to enjoy physical activity... but still, on your own terms.

Maybe you still like working out but don't love going to the gym. Maybe you still like throwing the ball around, or playing in a pickup game or two on weeknights. Maybe you're actually training for something, and maybe wearing yoga pants simply makes you feel more active. 

Whoever you are, whatever you do, in some activity, work-out, or sport, you're an average athlete, and we want to "sponsor" you. Our mission is to create a supportive community that empowers individuals to embrace their unique athletic journey, regardless of their skill level.

Average Athletic Club further provides an opportunity for average athletes to gather together (maybe more figuratively than literally), and embrace/brag about the average-athlete lifestyle.

Our swag is quality and affordable, and only a means of helping average athletes everywhere simultaneously establish expectations and boost their confidence in their average abilities.  

We're average athletes, just like you. Not looking to prove anything or show that we "still got it", but love opportunity to get together and do sports stuff.

Get "sponsored" today and experience a brand that celebrates your unique journey, inspires you to reach new heights, and supports you in becoming the best version of yourself.